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Our dedicated team at Family Animal Medicine is the heart and soul of our clinic. Comprised of skilled veterinarians, and passionate nurses, we are united by our love for animals and our commitment to exceptional veterinary care. Each member brings unique expertise and a shared dedication to the well-being of your pets. Get to know the faces behind the care and meet the individuals who are here to ensure the health and happiness of your furry family members.

Team at FAM

Our Veterinarians

Dr. Nobles
DR JENNY NOBLES, DVM (12 years of service)

Dr. Nobles grew up in Southern California and moved to Oklahoma in 2001. She is an Oklahoma State University graduate (Go Pokes!), where she obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in biology, followed by her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2007.

Dr. Nobles and her husband Justin, moved to Owasso shortly after graduation. Together they have two children, a son Jaxon, and a daughter Jayla.

The Nobles have three family dogs, Jinjer-ella the Min-Pin, and Jensen & Jorga, their two chocolate labs. They also have four family cats, Kinky, Margarita, Squishy, and Carli B.

Dr. Guerriero
DR. GENA GUERRIERO, DVM (12 years of service)

Dr. Guerriero is originally from Southern California. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in biology from California State University at Sacramento in 1993. She began her veterinary education in 1995 at the Royal College of Veterinary Medicine, Scotland, United Kingdom.

She later transferred to Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine, where she graduated in 2000. Dr. Guerriero has worked as a veterinarian in the Owasso/Tulsa area since 2003. She has two daughters, Piper and Larkin.

She and her daughters have 2 dogs, Newt and Finn, and 3 cats, Pickles, Pinkie, and the Beastie. She calls home her 13-acre farm (with chickens and horses) in Inola.

Dr. Walker
DR. CHELSEA WALKER, DVM (2 Years of service)

Dr. Walker grew up in Mannford, Oklahoma, and attended Oklahoma State University for her undergraduate education. She continued her journey as a cowgirl attending vet school at Oklahoma State and graduated in 2017. Go Pokes!

She is a mixed animal veterinarian passionate about small animal surgery and wellness/preventative medicine. She married her husband Jerome in 2021, and they share a home with their two fur kids Copper & Coal.

In her free time, she enjoys game & trivia nights with family/friends, traveling with her husband, and relaxing or working on numerous projects at home with her husband and pups.

Dr. Lori Freije
DR. LORI FREIJE, DVM (2 Years of service)

Dr. Lori Freije practices general veterinary medicine as well as alternative therapies. She is certified in veterinary acupuncture as well as veterinary physical rehabilitation.

Her interest in pain management and geriatric medicine, especially arthritis management, led her to learn these valuable skills.

Acupuncture courses led to interest in Chinese food therapy, Chinese herbal therapies, and more coursework. All these complementary forms of healing can be integrated with traditional approaches to give the best possible care.

Administrative Staff

Tobra Avery
TOBRA AVERY (5 Years of service)

Hospital Manager

Tobra Avery is the Hospital Manager at Family Animal Medicine. She joined FAM 5 years ago with a background in client service management, operations, and marketing.

Tobra is originally from Illinois but has lived in Oklahoma since 2005. She has 3 children, Elijah, Heidi, and Ares, who are all grown and flown. She has a dachshund named Winnie, a doodle named Dexter, and 3 cats- Earl, Pearl & Domino.

Erin Major

Erin (10 Years of service)

Nursing Staff

Julie Brengi

Julie (6 Years of service)

Linda Neel

Linda (4 Years of service)

Jessica Thompson

Jessica (7 Years of service)

Ares Avery

Ares (5 Years of service)

Lauren Cook

Lauren (3 Years of service)

Samantha Lapp

Samantha (2 Years of service)


Maddy (<1 Years of service)


Peyton (<1 Years of service)


Mariann Stanley

Mariann (12 Years of service)

Lacey Rogers

Lacey (5 Years of service)

Hunter Turner

Hunter (2 Years of service)


Kelsey (1 Years of service)

Kennel Staff

Chloe and Sophie Steely

Chloe (3 Years of service)

Sophie (3 Years of service)

Maddie Thompson

Maddie (5 Years of service)

Trevor Moore

Trevor (3 Years of service)

Echo Johnson

Echo (3 Years of service)

Ann Trost

Ann (5 Years of service)

Savannah Lawrence

Savannah (2 Years of service)

Sarah Gregg

Sarah (2 Years of service)


Jen Bonham

Jen (5 Years of service)

Clinic Cats


Grimlin Flatbread Panini aka “Grim” or “Grimmy” for short

Grim came to us in 2017 by way of Dr. Gena who found her on the side of the road out in the country. She was so matted and covered in leaves that she was unrecognizable as a cat. When they started to shave her down, her tail fell off as it had only been held on by the mats. Dr. Jenny then completed an amputation of the remaining portion to allow proper healing. Since that time, Grim has ruled FAM and all of its subjects. She snorts and sneezes her way into everyone’s business. Grim makes the funniest sounds, usually while sleeping. She sounds like a tree frog or a velociraptor. She can be found at the front desk in her bed, or hiding throughout the clinic. She is the queen ruler of the Family Animal Medicine kingdom.

Cruella Crunchwrap Supreme

Cruella Crunchwrap Supreme aka “CC”

CC is new to Family Animal Medicine. She joined us in late 2023 by way of a local rescue. After the loss of our other clinic cat, Birdie, in mid-2023, our staff had been waiting for the perfect crusty friend to join Grim. CC is just as adorably gross as Grim, but she has a tail. She’s still learning her way around the Family Animal Medicine world but is a little more adventurous than Grim so we have to keep a closer eye on her. She loves people and is quite curious so if you get the chance to see her, feel free to give her some pets!