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Rocky finds his Furever Home

A few weeks ago, we posted a pic of Rocky, a dog whose owner passed away and he needed a new home. The original Facebook post about Rocky can be seen below:

Rocky's Story:

Rocky came to stay with us on 1/15/15 when his owner had to be hospitalized for congestive heart failure. Unfortunately, she never made it home, passing away a few weeks later at the hospital. No one in her family was able to take Rocky, and since we know what a great little dog he is, FAM decided to keep him and find him a new home. After seeing his picture on Facebook from the post referenced above, his new mom and dad came to meet him right away. They had an instant connection and they decided right then that he was going to be part of their family. Rocky was just going to stay with us for a few days to get his teeth cleaned so he could go home with nice pearly white teeth!

A few days later, we noticed some blood in Rocky's urine and Dr. Gena did x-rays to see what could be causing it. Turns out Rocky had several bladder stones that had to be removed as soon as possible. We called his new family and informed them and they said they still want Rocky, just do whatever is necessary.

Here at FAM, we have a fund set up to help pets, who are our established patients, like Rocky. Sam & Wanda's Big Heart Fund is used to help pets that would otherwise not get the care they need. Our wonderful clients contribute to the fund and FAM, as a hospital, contributes to the fund as well. Dr. Gena and Dr. Jenny have final say on who meets the criteria to receive funds, but we try to help as many pets as we can.

We didn't want Rocky's new family to be burdened with the expense that is required to remove the bladder stones, clean Rocky's teeth and keep him here in the clinic with us until he was recovered and ready to go home. Rocky's previous family was able to help with some expenses and Sam & Wanda's Big Heart Fund covered everything else.

On March 7th, almost 2 months after he arrived here at FAM, Rocky went home, happy and healthy, to live with his new family. He is doing great and his new family just adores him!! Here is a pic of him at his new home.

THANK YOU for helping to spread the word about Rocky so he could find his new family!

*** If you would like to contribute to Sam & Wanda's Big Heart Fund, you can mail a check to us or stop by the clinic. 100% of donations go to the Fund to help pets like Rocky. Call (918) 609-6111 or email [email protected] with any questions you may have.

Rocky the dog finds Furever Home - Family Animal Medicine - Owasso, OK - Vet


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