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Creating a Cat-friendly Environment

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A Purr-fect Home
Creating a Cat-friendly Environment

Cats kept indoors lead healthier, happier lives. Still, your home is not their natural environment, which can create anxiety. Fortunately, you can take steps to reduce their stress and make them feel much more at home!

  • Reduce anxiety by keeping your home as peaceful as possible and by not interrupting their routine any more than is necessary. Remember that loud noises are distressing to pets.
  • Locate food and litter boxes in a quiet space away from other pets and family members.
  • Honor their independence by giving them access to food, water, and a litter box without your assistance.
  • Provide them with their own bed, toys, perches and private spaces that no one else uses.
  • Since being house-bound deprives cats of the daily challenges of nature, stimulation is required to protect them from boredom. Toys can help ward off boredom, but you don't have to spend a lot - a paper bag or wadded piece of paper can gold their attention just as well. Looking out windows and breathing fresh air also provides stimulation.
  • Cats like climbing, hiding and camouflage, so be sure their living space provides these opportunities.
  • Unless they have special dietary needs, experiment to discover what types of food they prefer.
  • Show affection frequently with your voice or touch. That said, let them initiate direct contact. Depending on your cat's personality, they may enjoy playing with yo more than "cuddling."

Overall, respecting your cat's natural likes, dislikes, and instincts will help your precious kitty live a happier life!


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  • ""There are not enough words that can be said about these 3 lovely and blessed vets they have been so great to all of our furbabies. They are the most caring, loving and passionate vets you will ever find.""
    Brandy Klug
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    Casey Chitwood
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