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Giving Kris Kringle the Cat a Fighting Chance this Christmas

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Earlier this week, one of our clients found a cat wandering around his neighborhood. The cat looked in rough shape; very skinny and malnourished. The gentleman brought the cat into FAM to see if we knew the owner and could help it. 

We were unable to locate the owner, but we did our best to help this cat, who we have started calling "Kris Kringle," since he arrived the week before Christmas. 

Kris Kringle was extremely underweight. On his first day here, we tried to feed him, but he could not keep any food down. We treated him in a number of ways - deworming, updating vaccines, medicine for nausea, IV fluids. Once we got a closer look at him, we found he was anemic as well (low red blood cells). To help with this, our clinic cat Birdie donated some of her blood to give Kris Kringle a blood transfusion. 

All of this to say, Kris Kringle has had it rough, and he's not out of the woods yet. He is hanging in there, but he is still not feeling quite himself. We hope he will make a full recovery, but it will take some time. 

kris kringle the cat, fam, fam owasso, owasso vet, veterinarian

We tell you this story not to pat ourselves on the back for helping this poor cat. We tell you this story because one thing we have not revealed yet, is that all necessary, life-saving treatment for Kris Kringle - blood transfusion, medication, injections, IV, staff time, hospital resources, etc. - was made possible through past donations to our Sam & Wanda Big Heart Fund. 

The Sam & Wanda Big Heart Fund was established a few years ago, named after our friend and mentor, Wanda Cline, and our late, longtime client, Sam. Wanda and Sam loved animals; Wanda dedicated her entire life to serving animals. We established the Sam & Wanda Big Heart Fund for cases just like Kris Kringle's; pets in need that would not have a chance without proper medical care and Good Samaritans like the gentleman who brought Kris Kringle to us. The Sam & Wanda Big Heart Fund has helped to save dozens of animals just like Kris Kringle.

We think Kris Kringle will make it, and will keep you updated on his progress! In the meantime, if you have any interest in donating to the Sam & Wanda Big Heart Fund, to give a fighting chance to pets like Kris Kringle, you can donate by cash or check at the front desk of FAM at any time. All donations are tax deductible. We will have an electronic method of collecting donations online very soon.

Thank you for reading and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Kris Kringle and all of us at FAM!

UPDATE 12/23/2018: 

We are sad to report an unfortunate turn of events overnight for Kris Kringle.

After our posting the story above, more tests revealed Kris Kringle was infected with FIP, a deadly viral disease. Given his condition, we made the very difficult decision to humanely euthanize him.

We are heartbroken to report this, especially given our optimism yesterday evening. Kris Kringle was a very sweet cat that deserved a fighting chance; thanks to the gentleman who brought him in to us, and the funds from our Sam & Wanda Big Heart Fund, we gave Kris Kringle the best chance he had but it was just too late. We take some solace in the fact that he passed peacefully in a warm bed.

RIP Kris Kringle.

kris kringle the cat, fam, fam owasso, owasso vet, veterinarian


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