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House Training Your New Puppy

"NO! Not There!"
House Training Your New Puppy

A new puppy is a joy, but potty training can leave both you and your new furry friend frustrated (try saying that 3 times fast!). It's also an opportunity to build trust and love if you approach the task with patience and understanding. Conversely, if you are harsh or inconsistent, your puppy can become confused, frustrated and insecure.

Expect that this will be a long process. Depending on breed, dogs as old as nine months may still have occasional accidents. The good news here is that as soon as your puppy figures out the behavior you want, they will be happy to comply! However, understanding exactly what you want will take repetition.

Whether you train on puppy pads, outdoors, or a combination of both, the most widely accepted method of humane house training is the same. Take your puppy to the proper spot frequently, and provide treats and praise when they get it right. When they choose undesirable spots, simply pick them up as soon as they begin urinating or defecating (yes, mid-stream!), move them to the correct spot, and keep them there for a few moments. Remain calm, don't scold or raise your voice.

If you miss seeing an incident as it happens, accept that the training opportunity was lost and simply clean up the mess without scolding. Never "rub their nose in it." They will not make the connection and will only become confused.

With this simple process, repeated consistency and as often as necessary, your puppy will eventually "get it" that you want them to do their business in a certain spot. Remain patient, and take time to enjoy your new puppy!

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