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  • Summertime Blues. Does your dog suffer from allergies?
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Summertime Blues. Does your dog suffer from allergies?

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Allergy symptoms can make your dog's life miserable, and we are here to help! If your fur-baby has any of the symptoms below, bring them in so we can try to identify the irritant and discuss treatments that can make them more comfortable.

Environmental/Inhalant Allergies. These allergens are inhaled or come in contact with your dog's skin. They include fleas, mold, mildew, grasses, weeds, trees, pollens, and flowers, and they are often seasonal. Ragweed allergies are worse in the fall, pollen in the spring, and indoor allergens such as dust mites may be worse in the winter when more time is spent inside. Common symptoms are chewing on feet, licking the groin area, inflamed ears, "hot spots" on skin, and rubbing their faces.

Flea Allergy Dermatitis. This is an allergy to the saliva in a flea bite. Symptoms include itching and biting at the skin - sometimes severely enough to remove areas of fur.

Food Allergies. Some dogs have an intolerance to ingredients such as chicken, fish, beef, dairy products, wheat gluten, or soy. Symptoms may include digestive issues, itching, red and inflamed skin in the ears and around the eyes, nasal discharge, coughing, sneezing, and swollen paws.

Contact Allergies. Less commonly, dogs can have allergies to things such as carpet fibers, plastics, and pesticides. Symptoms include skin irritation with intense scratching, red bumps or hair loss.

Bites. Dogs can be allergic to bites from certain snakes, spiders, flies, ticks, mosquitoes, bees, hornets, and wasps.

Drugs and Chemicals. Read the info on all medications to learn what symptoms of allergic reactions you should watch for. Most occur within 20 minutes. Any reaction to medications or ingested chemicals should be considered an emergency! In the case of an emergency, call us right away at (918) 609-6111, or if it is after-hours and you cannot reach us, contact Animal Emergency Center in Tulsa.

Want to learn more about allergies? Want us to take a look at your pet to see if he/she may have allergies? Use the contact information below to schedule your pet's appointment today!

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  • ""There are not enough words that can be said about these 3 lovely and blessed vets they have been so great to all of our furbabies. They are the most caring, loving and passionate vets you will ever find.""
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