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  • 7 Common Cat Myths Debunked!
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7 Common Cat Myths Debunked!

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  • Indoor cats can't catch diseases. Indoor cats are exposed to disease through airborne illnesses, anything you bring in on your clothing, and from ingesting insects. It's best to take your shoes off when you come home!
  • Cats always land on their feet. Not always. Landing the wrong way can result in sprains, bone fractures and respiratory issues.
  • Cats can't be trained. They can - and teaching your cat to do simple things can create a stronger bond with you!
  • Cats can have milk. Many cats get diarrhea from milk, and too much can lead to obesity. Save the milk for your cereal!
  • Table scraps are okay for cats. A 10-pound cat eating a piece of cheese would be like you eating 2 or 3 chocolate bars! Cats need specifically balanced nutrition.
  • Pregnant women should avoid cats. It's safe for pregnant women to interact with cats - it's the litter box that's a no-no. Toxoplasmosis can be spread through their feces.
  • Cats have nine lives. Cats have only one life and need regular checkups, vaccines, and dental care to live out their days in good health!

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