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  • Veterinary Technician Wanted!
    Family Animal Medicine is looking for a full-time Veterinary Technician to join our team! ABOUT OUR CLINIC: Family Animal Medicine (FAM) in Owasso was opened in January 2012. We have three very Read more
  • Goodbye and good luck to our Hospital Administrator, Karen!
    A goodbye and message of good luck to our wonderful friend, and Hospital Administrator since 2012, Karen! Read more
  • How to Keep Your Pet Safe this Holiday Season, by Dr. Jenny
    Hi Friends and FAMily... We wanted to put the word out this holiday season about the common hazards we see this time of year. The list of potential problem-causing décor and Read more
  • Creating a Cat-friendly Environment
    A Purr-fect Home Creating a Cat-friendly Environment Cats kept indoors lead healthier, happier lives. Still, your home is not their natural environment, which can create anxiety. Fortunately, you can take steps to Read more
  • Rocky finds his Furever Home
    A few weeks ago, we posted a pic of Rocky, a dog whose owner passed away and he needed a new home. The original Facebook post about Rocky can be Read more
  • Worm Warning! Protect your pet from deadly parasites
    Summer weather may mean more time outdoors for your furry loved one - and more exposure to parasites that can steal their health. Roundworms and tapeworms can often be seen in the fecal Read more
  • 7 Common Cat Myths Debunked!
    Indoor cats can't catch diseases. Indoor cats are exposed to disease through airborne illnesses, anything you bring in on your clothing, and from ingesting insects. It's best to take your Read more
  • ASK THE VET: Tips for Senior Pet Care
    In this series, we ask our three doctors the same question related, and they each give their best answer. Today's topic is... TIPS FOR SENIOR PET CARE: What things make the biggest difference in maintaining their quality of life as they age? Read more
  • Veterinary Receptionist Wanted!
    Family Animal Medicine is looking for a part-time Veterinary Receptionist to join our team!ABOUT OUR CLINIC: Family Animal Medicine in Owasso was opened in January 2012. We have two very driven Read more
  • Down in the Mouth: 7 Signs of Pet Dental Disease
    Down in the Mouth 7 Signs of Dental DiseaseDental disease is the most common health issue affecting dogs and cats.Most common is periodontal disease, which affects as many as 85% of Read more
  • House Training Your New Puppy
    "NO! Not There!" House Training Your New PuppyA new puppy is a joy, but potty training can leave both you and your new furry friend frustrated (try saying that 3 times Read more
  • Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer
    Summer Heat Warning! image source: Humor HoundHot weather poses many dangers to pets, including hyperthermia or heat stroke. Heat stroke most often occurs because a pet is left in a Read more
  • Obsessive Licking: What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?
    Obsessive Licking: What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You? When a dog begins an obsessive pattern of constantly licking his paws, objects in the home, or people, the behavior can indicate Read more
  • Now Available: FAM app on iPhone and Android!
    We are excited to announce that we are now officially in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! Download our FREE app on your iOS or Android device to Read more
  • Welcome our new Veterinarian!
    We are excited to announce a new addition to our FAMily! Please welcome Dr. Carmin Bieberly as our newest veterinarian! Dr. Bieberly just recently moved to Owasso with her husband, Read more
  • Winter Watch! Protect Your Dog in Cold Weather
    Winter Watch!Protect Your Dog in Cold Weatherimage source: toptailsdogwalking.comDogs, like humans, feel the cold. Puppies, senior dogs and short-haired breeds are particularly at risk of hypothermia or frostbite. To keep Read more


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Feedback from our clients

  • ""There are not enough words that can be said about these 3 lovely and blessed vets they have been so great to all of our furbabies. They are the most caring, loving and passionate vets you will ever find.""
    Brandy Klug
  • ""This office goes above and beyond. I call them frequently to ask silly questions and they do not make me feel stupid. They are always nice and do a great job. My cats were spayed there and they gave us plenty of instruction, material, and made sure that I knew I could call anytime. I give it a 10/10 for sure!""
    Casey Chitwood
  • ""The entire staff are loving and caring to my dogs and treat us like family. They listen and take their time to provide the best care for our fur babies and that’s all we can ever ask for.""
    Brandon Heimdale
  • ""I don't have enough positive words to describe these doctors and their staff! I've had to make some difficult decisions and they were with me at every turn. My fur babies are in the best possible hands with this group.""
    Kelly Sheperd Recter